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Alkaline-based paint strippers


White hydrated lime
Soft soap

Areas of application

Removal of coatings (converting matter insoluble in water to a water-soluble state). The stripper is not only used for purely oil-based coatings, it also effective with synthetic resins, shellac coatings, resins coatings and casein colors.


  • highly alkaline
  • salve / paste texture
  • highly water-binding / moisture storage
  • comparable to compresses
  • properties customizable
  • bonds well even on perpendicular surfaces
  • solvent-free
  • easy to apply
  • reusable
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It has always been part of our work to remove coatings from render, stucco lustro plaster, natural stone, artificial stone surfaces, wood and metal surfaces. Oftentimes we used a conventional stripper made from hydrated lime and soft soap. It’s effectiveness rests on a chemical process called alkaline hydrolysis, which makes it particularly suitable for oil, resin and wax-based coatings. The use of this type of stripper had many advantages over solvent-based ones. Among others, they consist in an easy and controlled processability, as well as removability of the stripper itself. Because of this, stresses for the subsurface are kept to a minimum.

Over time, when using this type of stripper on different carrier materials with different compositions of coatings, we came to observe several very interesting properties of the substance. This resulted in more in-depth research on the chemical and physical mechanisms of action and contributing factors during the stripping process. We examined its effectiveness—and its limitations, respectively—in conjunction with different types of bonding. We also determined risks and damage potential for different types of carriers and looked for options to minimize them. Final tests also gave us an understanding as to its reuse-capabilities and shelf life.

The goal of our research was to prove the universal suitability for all manner of conservation of the formula, simply by coherent and comprehensive consideration of the results obtained. We thus aimed to create a reliable knowledge base for its controlled use. Today, we have the ability to customize and modify this alkaline-based stripper according to any situation we may find.


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