Team Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Team photo in front of company headquarters Remise, Zellestrasse, Berlin Friedrichshain. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017

Enthusiasm for our work.

Yes, I had a great time living in Italy. But I missed the laughter and banter with our Buch & Schudrowitz family.

Yerma Schreiber, conservator

How it all began.

Jan-Marek Buch and Andreas Schudrowitz, 1995

In 1991, in a cold February night, a young man in a flimsy leather jacket is hanging around the Potsdam bus terminal. Jan-Marek Buch, aged 22, keeps in the shadows while observing a gaggle of young women boarding a bus. From amid the throng of females rises the tall silhouette of an extremely chipper guy with a youthful face. Andreas Schudrowitz, aged 19 and clad in a monster of a down jacket, talks loudly and animatedly, his laughter echoing through the night.

Jan-Marek quietly winces to himself. When the bus finally leaves the terminal, he steps out of the gloom and heads towards the display cases with the schedules. He shivers from the cold.

„I had to wait half an hour for the next bus, but I thought that it was worth it,” Jan-Marek remembers. It was the second day of the entrance exams, the gateway to getting accepted into the conservation graduate program of the Technical College. Andreas laughs: “120 applicants to fill 10 places. I was only trying to lighten the mood a bit. But I do admit, I may have come over as a bit on the manic side…” Many of the applicants found his antics funny, and at the end of the exam period Andreas had gathered quite the fan club. Jan-Marek wasn’t one of them.

Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Managing Directors Jan-Marek Buch and Andreas Schudrowitz. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017

March 15th,1995, four years later, finds the two men starting a company at Jan-Marek’s kitchen table: Buch & Schudrowitz Conservation Services unlimited.

And this is how it happened: One day, during their internship, Jan-Marek and Andreas found themselves working side by side, realizing that things were running quite smoothly. Says an enthusiastic Andreas: “Jan-Marek’s way of working was incredibly structured, which did wonders for my self-confidence.” Jan-Marek nods: “And I noticed that behind Andreas’ extroverted façade lived a subtle understanding for the soul of the structures we were working on.”

They start growing together: Jan-Marek, the meticulous researcher and thinker; Andreas the creative visionary whose enthusiasm simply carries people away. These days, when in meetings with clients, Jan-Marek stops short Andreas’ flow of words with a kick to his shin; a seemingly playful but well-rehearsed gesture.

„We’ve been together for more than 20 years now,” Andreas remarks almost tenderly. Jan-Marek grins: „We’re an old couple who still has a lot of plans together.”

Buch & Schudrowitz, Dipl_Restauratoren. Group picture: J.M. Buch, A. Schudrowitz, L. Krause, Y. Schreiber, B, Irmer, T. Fritzlar, A. Baack, T. Gramsdorff, C. Boettcher, H. Marschall, M. Gross. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017
Jan-Marek Buch. Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Managing Director Jan-Marek Buch, Dipl. Restorer. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017

Jan-Marek Buch

*1968 in East Berlin, board certified conservator for architectural surfaces with a degree in stone conservation.

Jan-Marek has a systematic way of working that I could never match, even if I had two lives to learn it. He scratches away at his stones with a patience and love that simply seems unattainable to me.

Andreas Schudrowitz

Down in the yard stood the ruin of a 19th century warehouse, a remnant of the grand Wilhelmian days. It was a children’s paradise, the favorite playground for the project kids. But while the others played hide-and-seek among the rubble, Jan-Marek used his pen knife to explore layer by layer a long-buried past. “I always wanted to know what’s underneath.”

Jan-Marek‘s father encourages his son’s scientific curiosity. Together they sneak through the construction fence of the “Schauspielhaus”, a grand and famous but now derelict theater. As Jan-Marek lays eyes on the dilapidated remnants of the formerly opulent mouldings, a dream is born. He is seven years old at the time.

In the year 1985 there were only 12 apprenticeship places for stucco plasterers available in all of East Berlin. 16-year old Jan-Marek manages to snag one of them. After the Wall comes down, he finds work as a stucco plasterer in monuments preservation. But he’s more than ready to delve deeper.

The year 1991 sees Jan-Marek joining the degree program for conservators at the Technical College Potsdam. His work there means the world to him. He’s even living on campus, doing chores like heating the vast old art room in winter. Jan-Marek does attend all the student parties, but the only thing that really gets him going is peering through the microscope: the stone samples seem to speak to him.

When looking at the rows upon rows of project files in today’s offices of Buch & Schudrowitz, one immediately notices Jan-Marek’s signature trait: meticulous order. His world is one of diligent research, of careful documentation and cataloging. It is an inventory of the past, but always with a view of things to come.

Andreas Schudrowitz. Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Managing Director Andreas Schudrowitz, Dipl. Restorer in front of East Side Gallery. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 18.10.2017

Andreas Schudrowitz

*1971 in East Berlin, board certified conservator for architectural surfaces with a degree in the restoration of wall paintings.

„Andreas is a butterfly. He is flitting from construction site to construction site as if from flower to flower, leaving a trail of happiness and creativity in his wake. There is nobody like him, me least of all.“ (laughs)

Jan-Marek Buch

The East German state educational system is taking over his training. Andreas is to embark upon a marathon journey through classes and courses at the renowned Weissensee art academy.

In 1988 he is a mere 18 years old but already burnt out: „All that schooling and cramming had simply washed away my creativity.” Andreas turns away from the fine arts and enters an apprenticeship as a stucco plasterer. In the rough environment of construction sites his old effervescence is returning to him. He feels comfortable with being a craftsman, working with his hands.

But his dreams of artistic achievement are not entirely gone: Andreas applies for the sculpture program of the Weissensee art academy and breezes through the entrance exams.

He seems to be right back on track towards the lone-wolf existence of the individual artist. But then his mother shows him a newspaper clipping: The Technical College Potsdam is looking for applicants for their conservation program!

Andreas applies, and is accepted. But where he expected art and artisanship, he only finds more schooling—this time it’s art history and nature sciences. This does, however, significantly widen his horizons. Every building, every structure and object is a new adventure. Every conservation or restoration job has its very own signature which he needs to understand and define.

Until this day, Andreas has never regretted turning away from the fine arts. The challenges and secrets of conservation work have truly become a passion with him. Working as part of a creative team is a way of life—and he would never trade it in for anything else.

Luise Krause. Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Luise Krause, Dipl. Restorer. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 18.10.2017

Luise Krause

*1983 in East Berlin, freelance conservator with a degree in conservation and restoration of wall paintings and architectural surfaces.

To conserve or restore an object is like solving a riddle. You need logical thought, patience, subtlety, and skilled hands. For me, there is simply no greater challenge.

Luise Krause knows exactly what she wants: an internship, and pronto! Looking at her, one is almost inclined to ask just who is applying and who is accepting.

Luise came, saw and conquered—and stuck around. The daughter of an artist fell in love with the interplay of creative and rational thinking that is inherent to conservation work. While studying at the Technical College Potsdam, Luise became a stalwart of our company. Since taking her diploma in 2010, she has kept working with us as a freelance conservator.

Luise is the prodigal team player, full of energy and with a spirit of adventure. Together with her colleagues, she applies her considerable know-how to comprehensive conservation solutions. Luise works the details with skill and passion, while keeping in mind that there’s always the big picture to be considered.

Buch & Schudrowitz, Dipl. Restorer. Coptic Church Berlin: exposure and retouching of murals. Restorers Yerma Schreiber and Erika Troeger. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 22.11.2017
Tina Fritzlar. Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Tina Fritzlar, Dipl. Restorer. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017

Tina Fritzlar

*1982 in East Berlin, freelance conservator with a degree in conservation and restoration of wall paintings and architectural surfaces.

Deep in my heart I always knew that I wanted to become a conservator. As with many in our profession, the job has evolved to become a true calling.

And what a great decision this turned out to be! When in 2001 Tina joins us, we quickly find that this intern always seeks get to the bottom of things. Tina never overlooks anything, and even seemingly redundant tasks are taken on with meticulousness and diligence.

In 2004 she enters the degree program at the Technical College Potsdam. While in training, she keeps working with us, and is gradually becoming a fixture in the Buch & Schudrowitz family.

Since taking her diploma in 2009, Tina is frequently freelancing for us. She is a true allrounder: from stucco marble to examinations, Tina knows all, proving her versatility at every turn. The precision of her work is simply incomparable.

Annett Baack. Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Annett Baack, Dipl. Restorer. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017

Annett Baack

*1982 in Rostock, freelance conservator with a degree in conservation and restoration of wall paintings and architectural surfaces.

It’s really delightful when we examine objects and expose hidden treasures. For example, discovering opulent paintings and decoration that were buried for decades underneath layers of old paint.

Annett seeks high and low for a suitable internship, and in 2006 finds just the right one at Buch & Schudrowitz. And we’re lucky that we’re the ones she chose. She immediately wins us over with her passion and relentless focus on attaining mastery in her dream profession.

In 2007 Annett enters the degree program at the Technical College Potsdam. An internship semester leads her to Taiwan, and there to the Shui-Xian temple.

In 2012 Annett finishes her diploma. The examination of architectural surfaces becomes her domain—first as Jan-Marek’s right-hand woman, and eventually as the lead herself. It is here where she finds fulfilment in tracking down the history of objects as diverse as the old Prater Theater or the Tegel Airport.

Michael Groß. Buch & Schudrowitz, Restoration, Conservation, Historic Preservation. Michael Gross, freelance restorer. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 19.10.2017

Michael Groß

*1977 in East Berlin, freelance conservator with a B.A. in conservation and restoration of wall paintings and architectural surfaces.

Whenever you see something you have planned and worked on together going really well, we are simply happy as kids. This kind of attitude is forging a bond.

And the spark catches on: intellectual challenge in combination with hands-on artisanship—this is exactly what Micha has always been looking for. He throws himself with abandon at every project and object, while effortlessly blending in with the team. Micha is a perfect fit for the Buch & Schudrowitz family.

In 2010 he enters the conservation degree program at the Technical College Potsdam, while continuing to work with us. He’s a tinkerer and inventor in his own right, easily coming to grips with every conceivable kind of machinery. He has great imagination, which is invaluable when planning complex projects.

Buch & Schudrowitz, Dipl. Restorer. Andreas Schudrowitz and Michael Gross, maintenance of brother kiss Brezhnev, Honecker. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 18.10.2017

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Buch & Schudrowitz, Dipl. Restorer. Team photo in front of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin. Photo: Alexandra Sell, 07.12.2017


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