When approaching a building for the first time, that’s the most exciting part. Everything is still in a virgin state. You don’t know what kind of layers of paints and coatings you will encounter, what the stories are the house will eventually tell you. And it never gets boring: you just go deeper and deeper.

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4 steps towards the restoration of an object under Monuments Preservation order

You are responsible for an object/building that falls under monuments preservation order? Then you’ll probably have a number of questions—particularly when planning construction/re-construction. We offer consulting services for any phase of your project.

1. Initial brief consultation, free of charge

Consultation via phone or brief on-site meeting. Here we will discuss the several different options of approaching your project. We also point out general and project-specific demands made by the authorities when it comes to monuments preservation aspects.

2. Analysis of current status and restoration/conservation examination

According to each object, need or demand, different preliminary and exploratory works may be necessary. For example, documentation of the building’s history, creating a concept for compliance with monuments preservation regulation, investigation of colors/coatings with a view to restoration/conservation, or even a deep-level examination of materials, technologies and the composition of historical surfaces.

In addition to that, a knowledgeable interpretation of the regulatory prescriptions made by lower-level monuments preservation authorities is often necessary. In some cases, preliminary exploration yields additional need for planning and/or measures.

3. Support services for monuments preservation and restoration/conservation

We are supporting you in the intricate process of attaining permits from monuments preservation authorities and/or building permits in general. We also support you in applying and attaining grants and subsidies, as well as creating documentation for tax purposes (allowance for depreciation).

We consult on regulatory issues and their implementation, mediate between contractors/works and authorities (on-site visits, contractor’s meetings, works alignment and scheduling). We are also happy to take over any construction management relevant to monuments preservation regulation.

We advise on professional implementation of restoration/conservation measures and serve as consulting and/or executive conservators.

4. Implemenation of restoration/conservation works

Together with our team of conservators we offer a diverse array of professional services on any given object.

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