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Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin, 2015 – 2017 (opera house)

The job

1. Coloring and gilding of all render/finish and stucco surfaces (ceiling, walls and parapets) in the audience space and the proscenium, as well as in select other rooms.

2. Coloring and gilding of wall and stucco surfaces (pillars and pilasters) in the Apollo hall.

3. Conservation, restoration and reconstruction of stucco marble surfaces in adjoining stairwells.

4. Restoration of natural stone surfaces in the cashier’s area.

Staatsoper Baustelle

Time frame

Duration of work: 2015 – 2017

Staatsoper Restauratoren
Staatsoper Teamarbeit
Staatsoper Präzisionsarbeit


Gilding 10.000 m
Wall and ceiling surfaces 2.000 m²
Stucco marble 1300 m²
Man hours 30.000 h
Workforce 35

History of construction and usage

The Deutsche Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin was built 1741 - 1743 to serve as an opera house for the regal court. Constructed from drafts made by Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff, it burned down to its foundations in 1843. The following reconstruction, which carefully retained the outer aspect, yielded several technical improvements. World War II air raids caused the destruction of the roof and parts of the foundations. After the war, it was decided to rebuild the opera in its pre-war form. The architect charged with the task was Richard Paulick, who made several alterations. For example, he reconstructed the audience space in much-reduced form, dismissing the opulent splendor of the pre-war decorations. During reconstruction, Paulick relied on several occasions on the historical von Knobelsdorff drafts, as well as on other sources from the times of Frederick the Great, re-interpreting them in many cases. On the occasion of the 750-year jubilee of the City of Berlin (1987), the opera house again underwent comprehensive renovation.

Staatsoper Vergoldung Buch & Schudrowitz

Services catalog

Audience space, proscenium, box seats, galleries and selected rooms

  • exposure, surface putty and smoothing, cleaning and prep of surfaces for coloring/gilding
  • re-coloring of all finish/render and stucco surfaces
  • whole and detail new gilding, touch-ups and patination

Apollo hall

  • cleaning and repairs of pillar and pilaster stucco (capitals and bases)
  • whole and detail new gilding, touch-ups and patination

Foyer and adjoining stairwells

  • cleaning of surfaces
  • removal of coatings
  • removal of supplementary mortars and details
  • prep of carriers for replacements
  • replacement of disassembled stucco marble pieces
  • Stabilizing
  • Mineral-based re-enforcements of surface texture
  • backfill of hollow-backed surfaces
  • covering of fissures/cracks in stucco marble surfaces
  • gluing of fractured stucco marble elements
  • re-completion of elements
  • reation of negative molds
  • replacement of dated re-completions
  • touch-ups
  • surface sealing of stucco marble surfaces
  • restoration of joints and seams of surfaces and component transitions

Cashier’s area

  • exposure and cleaning of colored natural stone surfaces
Staatsoper Qualitätsprüfung
Staatsoper Goldmarie Buch & Schudrowitz
Staatsoper Goldmarie
Staatsoper Vergoldung
Staatsoper Polieren
Staatsoper grüner Marmor Nachbildung
Staatsoper Buch & Schudrowitz
Staatsoper Foyer
Staatsoper Foyer Marmor
Staatsoper Foyer letzer Schliff
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