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Sophienkirche Berlin, 2013 – 2017 (church)

The job

Buch & Schudrowitz were charged with conservation, restoration and reconstruction of apsis, ceiling and gallery walls. The project had two main goals:

1. Securing and consolidating inventory of finish/renders, stucco, and surface color

2. Reconstruction of the neo-baroque architectural paintings

Aside from general renovation and overhaul, works included extensive restoration of the interior with the original (1892) coloring.



Wall and ceiling surfaces 1.700 m²
Hand-made tempera 400 l
Man hours 15.000 h
Workforce 8

Time frame

  • 2013: exploration of surface colors
  • 2014, 2016 and 2017: implementation of measures in several phases
Sophienkirche Decke

History of construction and usage

The Sophienkirche Berlin was built in 1712/1713, probably based on the drafts of Johann Phillipp Gerlach (1679-1748). Originally conceived as a simple hall-structure with a gabled-roof construction. The cross-nave church had a wooden gallery encompassing the entire interior. Pulpit and altar were centrally located at the southside of the structure. Between 1732 – 1734, a 69 m high baroque belfry was added; incidentally, this is the only surviving belfry of the ambitious building program of Friedrich Wilhelm I. Over the following centuries, the Sophienkirche has seen several additions and reshaping, with the last major changes taking place in 1892. In the course of this last remodeling the nave was re-designed in the neo-baroque style. Between 1960-62 the interior of the church—which suffered only little war damage—received its last general renovation.

Sophienkirche Berlin Buch & Schudrowitz
Sophienkirche Tür Buch-Schudrowitz
Sophienkirche Restoreteam
Sophienkirche Restauratoren Buch & Schudrowitz
Sophienkirche 2017

Services catalog

  • examination/exploration of surface coatings
  • inventory and damage assessment
  • concept for conservation, restoration and reconstruction
  • pattern/sample axis to reconstruct original historical color schemes
  • implementation: prep of carriers, exposure, fissure putty and finish/render supplementation, salt reduction measures, surface reconstruction on existing surfaces, stucco repairs and supplements, touch-ups, new coloring, reconstruction of walls and ceiling paintings (tapestry, natural stone imitations) as well as gilding
Sophienkirche Restorer Hand
Sophienkirche Buch & Schudrowitz
Sophienkirche Altarbereich
Sophienkirche Yerma Schreiber


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